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Nominating Committee

Mark Bergstrom (Immediate Past President), Chair; Richie Hao and Claudia Anguiano (2017-2018) (elected by the Legislative Assembly); Dan Brouwer (2016-2018) and Valerie Manusov (2017-2019) (elected by the Executive Council); Andy Gilmore (Communication Theory), April Hebert (Community Colleges), Leah LeFebvre (Interpersonal Communication), Samuel Jay (Media Studies), and Brian Cozen (Environmental Communication)

Finance Committee

Mary Claire Morr Serewicz, Chair Betsy Bach and Bryant Alexander (appointed by the President); Rodney Reynolds (First Vice President); and Heather Hundley (Executive Director)

Publications Committee

Joan Faber McAlister, Chair, Stacey Sowards and Rona Halualani (appointed by the President); Sharon Downey (Editor, Western Journal of Communication); Jennifer Bevan (Editor, Communication Reports); Christina Yoshimura (WSCA News & Social Media Editor)

Time and Place Committee

John Caputo, Chair, Michelle Holling and Stephanie Gomez/Stacey Overholt (elected by the Executive Council); Jason Jordan (Speech Activities Coordinator), and Heather Hundley (Executive Director)

Member Services Committee

Aaron Hess, Chair, Amy Pason and Toniesha Taylor (appointed by the President); Rodney Reynolds (First Vice President)

Distinguished Scholar Award

Derek Buescher (Chair), Greg Dickinson (2016-2018) and Bernadette Calafell (2017-2019) (elected by the Legislative Assembly); Dreama Moon (appointed by the President); and David Henry (appointed by the Executive Council)

Distinguished Service Award

Heather Crandall Chair, Melissa Tafoya, Mark Bergstrom, and Derek Buescher (ex-officio, non-voting)

Distinguished Teaching Award

J. Jacob Jenkins (Chair), Jennifer Asenas (2016-2017) and Shinsuke Eguchi (2017-2019) (elected by Legislative Assembly); Bryan Hirayama (appointed by the President), and Patricia Geist-Martin (appointed by the Executive Council)

Model Communication Program Award

Audrey Deterding (Chair), April Hebert (Chair of Community College Interest Group), and Brandi Lawless (Chair of Communication & Instruction Interest Group)

B. Aubrey Fisher Award

Sharon Downey, (Editor, Western Journal of Communication), Chair; John Caputo, Valerie Renegar, Deanna Fassett, Mike Middleton, Cynthia Lou-Coleman, Kory Floyd

Futures Committee

Mark Bergstrom (WSCA Immediate Past President), Chair; Dennis Alexander, Bob Avery, Sue Pendell, and Sandra Petronio


Elected Representatives to the WSCA Legislative Assembly

2017-2018 Conventions

Audrey Deterding, Aaron Hess, Amy Pason, Carlos Tarin, Cynthia Wang

2018 and 2019 Conventions
Maria Blevins, Santhosh Chandrashekar, Benny LeMaster, Kathleen McConnell, and Pavithra Prasad


WSCA Representatives to NCA

NCA Legislative Council (elected by the WSCA Legislative Assembly)

Robert Stockton, representing K-12, 2015 through 2017
Nina Reich, representing Four-Year Universities and Colleges, 2016 through 2018
Colleen McGoff, representing Community Colleges 2017 through 2019

NCA Nominating Committee

Mark Bergstrom, Immediate Past President

NCA Regional Advancement and Promotion Advisory Board

Rodney Reynolds 2016-2018


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