• Syphonic Band Event
  • Choral Concert
  • Music students playing flute
  • Music student singing for samll ensembles night
  • Music student singing and playing piano for samll ensembles night
  • Small ensembles night band
  • Music student playing guitar
  • Percussion music student playin instrument
  • Students singing in Hansel and Gretel opera

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Welcome to WSCA

Welcome to the Western States Communication Association (WSCA), founded in 1929. WSCA is a not-for-profit educational association of scholars, teachers, and students of communication with over 1,000 members from around the globe.

WSCA publishes two scholarly journals--Western Journal of Communication andCommunication Reports--as well as a newsletter, WSCA News. Follow the links under Publications to learn more about the journals and the newsletter.

WSCA also hosts an annual convention. In February 2015, we'll be meeting in Spokane, WA to explore the theme "Accentuate the Positive." WSCA conventions provide wonderful opportunities to learn about and discuss current issues in communication, while also offering opportunities for networking and socializing. More information about the 2015 convention is available on this site under Conventions, WSCA 2015 Convention in Spokane.